It is our mission to make unique products that will keep dogs active and engaged. We have a passion for dogs, and feel that they deserve fun, functional products—products that last longer, challenge their minds, and stimulate their instincts. With their companionship, playfulness, and affection, our dogs keep us feeling healthy and happy. Our goal, in turn, is to design products that will enrich our dogs’ lives as much as they enrich our own.


—Kyle Hansen | Founder

Back in the days before we had kids – the dogs were our kids – and we were a wholesale distributor of pet supplies in Southern California. Little did we know, our immersion into the pet business was helping us to build a foundation for the future. We worked long hours, learned as much as possible, and became familiar with what was on the market.

We’ve always been an active couple, and taking our dogs along was mandatory. As we traveled and played with our dogs, we learned a lot about what was (and wasn’t) available – we needed stuff that just wasn’t available. There were huge voids in the marketplace! Why did our dogs have to settle for boring, ugly, low-quality toys? Why was it nearly impossible to find travel gear for dogs? We usually ended up throwing dog supplies and food into plastic grocery bags in order to take them on our adventures!

First, it occurred to us that our dogs might enjoy cute, well-made plush toys, and we were right! Thus our Plush Puppies®brand was born. Kyjen was one of the first companies to make plush toys specifically for dogs. We didn’t just slap the Plush Puppies name on kids’ plush toys with their plastic eyes and weak stitching. Instead, we designed plush specifically for dogs, with features that are attractive to dogs that love to play with, and we made them safe and longer-lasting too!

Around this same time we came up with the idea to create a complete line of travel gear for dogs, and our Outward Hound® brand was born. We found practical solutions that made traveling with dogs easier and more convenient, whether on the trail, in the city, on a boat, or in a car. Now we could all be active together!

A few years ago, as our kids got older and started to play with games and puzzles, we noticed that this source of entertainment and education was made solely for humans. Why couldn’t our dogs participate in the family fun? We solved this dilemma by creating Dog Games® Puzzle Toys – a line of games and puzzles for dogs! This ever-evolving and rapidly growing product line provides great ways to challenge, teach and play with your dog. Now dogs can be part of family game night!

Over a decade later, with the help of our expanded rock star design team (no longer relying on design sketches on paper napkins), we continue to launch new Plush Puppies® plush toys, Outward Hound® travel gear, and new Dog Games® puzzle toys.

Here in Colorado, we’re all active dog owners, and we find that if we have a need for a certain product, so do our customers and their dogs. We’re constantly exploring new categories and striving to provide new ways to Keep Dogs Active and Engaged!

Every day is “Bring Your Dog to Work Day” at Kyjen, so it’s easy for us to engage in research and development on an ongoing basis (and to recruit enthusiastic toy testers!).

Your dog can be one of our testers too, click here for more details.

Kyle Hansen

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